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The EOV2000 is a true vertical steam distillation™ unit made from scientific-grade borosilicate glass, specifically designed for easy steam extraction of essential oils from plant materials by the non-chemist at home, resulting in the highest purity essential oils

Unlike other steam distillation units on the market, EOV2000 offers true "dry steam" distillation in an all glass (Pyrex) system. Coupled together with ground glass joints, there are no hoses or rubber stoppers in contact with your product...it's ALL glass!

The "open-to-atmosphere" design means that steam pressure can never build up in the system, making the system much safer to operate and insuring that the distillation process will take place at exactly 100 degrees C (at sea level) and not a degree higher!

EOV2000's simple design addresses a number of problems associated with competitives stills, Because of it's "vertical" design, the biomass flask™ stays dry, none of the "boiling water" is wastefully condensed and trapped in the biomass flask™, and because it uses separate flasks for boiling and biomass™, there's further insurance that overheating or possibly burning your plant material will never happen.

Our UNIQUELY DESIGNED RECEIVER™ (click for info) traps up to 20mL of either "heavier than water" oils or "lighter than water" oils while automatically draining away the excess condensed water (the "Hydrosol", that can be kept for many purposes) thus allowing you to start the distillation and let it proceed on it's own without constant need of attention.

When the distillation is complete, the receiver™ then doubles as a tapered separatory funnel, allowing you to easily separate your prized oil from the remaining water.

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ALL NEW BOROSILICATE (generically called "pyrex") GLASSWARE:
* 2 liter boiling flask, 24/40 sized ground glass joint and side port for water addition
* 2 liter Biomass flask™, 24/40 joint on bottom and large 45/50 joint on top
* Still Head™, 45/50 joint and male spherical condenser joint
* West Condenser, with a spherical joint that allows a wide range of alignment without risk of breakage or loss of seal integrety
* Receiver™/separatory funnel with teflon valve
* New hotplate with built-in flask support rod (240 volt for EUROPE available at no additional cost)
* Two laboratory Clamps
* Two 5 foot HOSES for condenser water
* 3 Packets of joint grease
* Keck Clamps to hold condenser, receiver™, and still head™ together
* Simple assembly and operation instructions (click on the link below to view the instructions)

Basically everything you need to open the box, harvest your herb garden, and make Essential Oils!

WHAT YOU'LL NEED to get going

The kit comes complete with everything necessary to distill your plants.
You will need a source of 120 volt power, plant material, and a running water source.
You may also want to have some distilled water on hand to use for boiling water...
NOTE: We supply two 5/16" hoses to get water to and from the condenser;
because we have no way of telling what your water spigot actually is,
you'll have to come up with a way to hook one of the hoses we supply to your spigot or faucet.

240 volts?
For our customers outside of the USA we ship the kits wired for 240 volt@ no additional cost,
however you may be required to provide your own power plug
as we can't know exactly which one you will need due to the many different varieties around the world

For either a water faucet adapter or a 240 volt plug, a quick trip to a hardware store should get you what you need

Cooling water for the condenser:

Water flow requirements for the condenser are as follows:
If you're using tap water it's best if it's under 20 degrees C, in which case the required flow rate is 2 liters per minute.
If you're using water that's 5-10 degrees C, you'll need only 1 liter per minute.

If you're recirculating water with a pump and ice, it'll require 2-3 bags of ice cubes from a grocery store per distillation.

For you tek types with a refrigeration style chiller, you'll need to be able to remove 2000BTU per hour...


* Submersible Water PUMP for recirculating cooling water ( USA Only, not available in 240 volt ) $18
* 5 liter bioflask™ $100 if purchased with kit instead of 2L bioflask™, or $150 separately
* Adapter kit™ that enable this kit to do other related essential oil operations
such as hydrodistillation, solvent extractions, solvent purification and recovery, and tincture concentration $75

*Larger Distillers, Optional Accessories*

Larger Bio-flask sizes up to 10 liters, and other additional setup options are availiable on request
CLICK HERE to learn about different things you can do with this kit,
larger distillers we make, and accessories for our kits

CLICK HERE to view:
* Complete instructions for this distiller kit*

Some common shortcomings of other distillers on the market
and how the EOV2000 solves them

Lots of water always condenses in the biomass flask™- it's unavoidable, and it accumulates and eventually covers up a lot of the plant material I'm trying to distill.

In the EOV2000, that water simply drips back down into the boiling flask to be reused, instead of accumulating in the biomass flask™ being wasted and causing plant material to become flooded and no longer in contact with steam.
The EOV2000 vertical design insures that the biomass™ stays dry.

I have to constantly add water to the steam generator flask
Because any water condensed in the EOV's biomass flask™ automatically drains back down into the boiling flask, the EOV2000 can go for three hours or more without having to add new water to the boiling pot.
There's a ground glass stopper in the side of the boiling flask to make water addition very easy, in case you need to.

The distiller takes up the whole room, it's so big and spread out
Our vertical design is very compact and doesn't take up the whole kitchen sink!!

Uncondensed steam occasionally comes out of the end of the condenser...isn't this potentially loosing precious oil?

YES! Inefficient condenser arrangements loose oil!
Unlike systems with vertical "up-going" or traditional 105 degree angled condensers from which uncondensed steam can often escape, the EOV2000 has a vertical "down-going" condenser in which the steam is forced straight down. This insures complete condensation and no chance of steam or product escaping

Systems that put the biomass™ right in the boiling water can heat it above boiling water temperature- 100c, and i don't like my biomass™ getting any hotter than necessary.

EOV2000 is an "opened" system, and allows only steam at atmospheric pressure to touch the biomass™, meaning that pressure and/or temperature cannot build up, thus eliminating the possibility of excess temperatures ruining your product.
The biomass™ can never get hotter than 100 degrees C under any situation.

A photo of the system set up and ready to distill some freshly picked ROSEMARY

Here are some oils I've recently distilled with an identical kit,
from herbs and things in our garden
These vials are the result of ONE distillation- (2 liters of the herb),
We packed the 2 liter bioflask™ full and this is what we were rewarded with!
The quantities vary with the actual type of herb,
when it's picked, where it lives, etc,
but this is a good representation of what you can expect!

This is the distilling head

The water/oil separator™

All the individual parts
(hotplate and hoses are included in the kit
but not shown in this photo)

Here is a diagram of it

This is how the receiver™ works:

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240 volt kits are available at no additional cost, however you may be required to provide your own power plug
as we can't know exactly which one you will need due to the many different varieties around the world

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