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In the making of my first CD, Fairy of the Woods, I longed for a beautiful female voice to accompany my music...it can be such a delicate instrument; alas, at the time it was simply out of the question. The completion of Fairy of the Woods opened the door to my encounter with the wonderful Singh Kaur. Together, she and I created my second CD, Fairy NightSongs ....but sadly my dreams were once again silenced by her untimely passing. It's been two years since fairy NightSongs was released. During those years, as I searched to find a "voice" again, a close friend repeatedly hinted that I should meet her younger sister, Stephannie. It happened, and with that meeting the magic instantly gathered and coalesced...
Fairy HeartMagic was born!
With Stephannie's wonderful vocals, and guest artist Lisa Lynne playing Celtic harp on many of the tracks,
Fairy HeartMagic promises to be very different and very wonderful!

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Once again I share my magic with you

Gary Stadler

Fairy HeartMagic


Gary Stadler

Featuring Celtic Harp by guest artist
Lisa Lynne
(Courtesy of Windham Hill)

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