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Reflections of Faerie

Fairy HeartMagic

Fairy NightSongs

Fairy of the Woods

  Music by Zingaia


Dancers of Twilight

Beneath the Veil

  Mermade catalog

Mermade Magickal
Arts Catalog

  Airbrush paintings by Scott Thom

Airbrush Paintings
Art by Scott Thom

Katlyn and Mike Breene, Scott Thom, and Gary Stadler
Four artists who together have created many things
They've shared their dreams and talents
with each other and the world
resulting in a wealth of
music, art, and magic
Please stay a while
and experience the
sounds and sights of


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HeartMagic web pages authored by

Gary Stadler


Fairy Nightsongs, Fairy of the Woods, Zingaia, and Beneath the Veil are newage CD titles by artists
Gary Stadler and Singh Kaur, and Katlyn and Mike Breene.
Mermade Magical Arts is a catalog of ritual incenses, oils, and other occult and related items.
The art on this website consists of original airbrush paintings by artist Scott Thom
and original drawings and paintings by artist Katlyn Breene.

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