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The Songs:



Ring of Magic


Fairy of the Woods

Breath of Love


Forest Dark'n

Pool of Light

Wings at Rest


was started as two songs that I wrote for a play, "The Goblin's Bride", in 1993. In the beginning of the project, I probably got as much pleasure from designing and wiring
"the system" of equipment as from actually making the music. I considered songwriting and recording to be a very nice "hobby" and change of pace from my "regular" job as an electronics designer.
Over the next few years, I continued working in the little studio that I had put together,
and eventually had a few songs recorded and finished to a state where I could play them for others and not feel embarrased.
A few years later, I was racking my brain for something to give to my girlfriend, Tamara, for her birthday. After many hours of coming up with nothing,
I got the crazy notion that I could string together a few of my songs, and get some place to make a CD out of them, and give her one for her birthday.
It was a nice present, but somewhat of a disaster- the company that did the CD's did a really bad job-
they recorded them very quiet- and the music was fun to listen to, but rough.
Tam thought it was great! (and I guess it worked, because I am now partners with her in a most wonderful "happy ever after" marriage!)

Time went on.
One day I was attending a gathering of friends, and I happened to strike up a conversation with some folks I had seen but never spoken to.
In the conversation it came out they were the owners of Sequoia Records. They were interested in hearing my music, and when they did,
they suggested that I work on it a bit more and they'd release it! What an opportunity!
I worked very hard for a few more months, and then came time to do the the artwork.
I had been friends with Scott Thom for many years, and asked if he'd do the cover painting for me, which he did.
One thing lead to another, and finally "Fairy of the Woods" was born!
Hope you enjoy it!

Gary Stadler

Fairy of the Woods


Gary Stadler

is availiable on the

Sequoia Records label

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