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Fly Away


During the release of "Fairy of the Woods", I chanced to meet Laura Drew, also known as SinghKaur and Lorellei,
who had just released her CD "Spiritus" under the name Lorellei.
We became instant friends, and Laura invited my new wife, Tamara and I to spend our honeymoon at her home in Hawaii.
Six months later, we took her up on her offer. While there, Laura took me into her recording studio and asked me to play something for her, "just for fun".
I played a short set of chords that sounded kind-of pretty, and that was that, or so I thought.
The next morning, I woke up and took a walk around Laura's beautiful property. Over the sounds of the birds and wind in the bamboo,
I thought I heard some music somewhere, and as I neared the house, I heard Laura improvising upon what I had played the previous day.
I sat in the grass, wet with morning dew, and listened intently for an hour or so,
until I realized that I had paid so much attention to what she was doing that I was soaked and didn't even know it!

For a few days, Laura and I bounced the piece back and forth, adding our ideas as we went. One day Tam and I were returning from a drive around the island,
and as we neared the house we could hear Laura singing to the piece. We were both stunned by the beauty of her voice.
The song eventually came to be "darkness" on this CD.
It was so beautiful and she was so much fun to work with that I asked her if she'd do a CD with me; the result is "Fairy NightSongs".
We worked on the CD for the next year, Tam writing the lyrics, Laura and I both writing and playing the music,
and all of us carrying on like kids in a candyshop. It was a blast, and rewarding.
Hope you enjoy it!

I was very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Laura,
She was an amazingly sensitive and beautiful person
but sadly, she passed away just a few weeks after Nighsongs was released...
I'll always remember this project with great fondness!
Her music will be remembered and loved

Gary Stadler

Fairy NightSongs


Gary Stadler .... and..... SinghKaur

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