Airbrush Paintings, Gallery 2

"The First Gate"

Original, 24" x 30" ------ $3500.00

"After the Net"

Origional, 36"x72" -----$3000.00

"The Encounter"

Original, 12"x16"; ------ $700.00

"The Fairy and the Gold Dolphin"

Origional, 24"x30" -----$3000.00

"The Gathering"

Original, 24"x24" ------ $1000.00

"Gathering Rainbowspheres"

Original, 24"x30" ------ $3000.00

"The Living Sea"

Original, 36"x72" ------ $4000.00

"The Orchid and the Pahoehoe"

Origional, 20" x 24" -----$1000.00


Original, 24"x30"------ $2500


*All of the original paintings pictured above are available as prints

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