This is a work of passion....
It was conceived and born in the love of its creators as a hymn to the Goddess.

Each song is a call to the Eternal Divine Feminine,

A call to the dance which inspires the heart.

It is the music of Shakti, the mysterious force of Life Giving Love.

World rhythms, poetic invocations and modern magick are woven together to create a new music of the ancient mysteries.

May the Goddess enlighten the heart of your passion with living energy!

Zingaia, the CD
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Dance the Moon ,

To follow the Sun

Dance the Earth,

Like a Healerís Hands

Dance the Winds,

Hear harmonies of Heaven

Dance the Soul,

And we are One

Dance the Heart

And the Veil is Lifted


The Songs:

* She Beckons

In radiant Moonlight
She calls you to enter the inner temple.
Like a heartbeat, like a spiral,
like a tide, she beckons you,
Come Beneath the Veil

* Invocation

Be the Key, Open me...
A call to the Goddess of love and life.
By a thousand names we know Her.

* Sirens of the Moonlit Tide

I am the evening star,
rising from the twilight sea.
Ea, Binah, Ge

* Veil of Inanna

The ruby altar awaits my love,
and the boat of heaven is filled with joy

* Ast Usari

(Egyptian for Isis and Osiris)
Together in the Full Moon

* Beneath the Veil

A hymn from the heart
of the Living Goddess

* Breath of Passion

Breath of life,
breath of compassion,
breath of union,
breath of passion...
The sighing of the Heavens
Born of Moon and Sun
The taking in of Source
The many into One

So Speaks The Goddess:

"I am the first breath in crystalline space. Like the starry heavens,
My body arches in ecstasy around the secret center of the Sun.
Through the circling of the spheres shall you come to know me.
For I am the star of truth upon thy brow.
I am a paradise of deep wilderness,
The soul of Nature and Mother of the Earth.
Fragrant and fertile is my body,
Touch me in the petals of every sweet blossom.
Through abundance shall you come to know me.
I am thy oasis, pouring forth the waters of life.
I am in the heart that rejoices,
And in the body dancing forth the essence of immortality.
Mine are the sighs of passion and also the cries of birth.
Feel my presence in the pulse of thy center
Through desire shall you come to know me , my Beloved,
For I inspire the Sacred Fire...
Know me in the heart of every woman.
For I am the Living Goddess,
I share the Secret of Life with Seed of thy Soul".

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